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A designer with an aptitude for analytical thinking and an appetite for play.


Communication Design
CCA + The Crucible

A West Oakland Story

How we reimagined a slice of West Oakland as a game of Monopoly to visualize the upcoming developments in the neighborhood.

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Interaction Design
California College of the Arts

The art, the artist and the context

How might we help artists build and grow their professional networks?

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Design Sprint
YKone and Parallel

The value of influence

How might we define the currency between influencers and brands more clearly through the power of a mobile app?

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Business Plan Design
California College of the Arts, Competitive

The scope of a business pitch

How might we convert a digital edtech tool into a viable start-up?

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Brand Experience
Ambassador 88

Cultural edutainment

How might we equip American born South-Asian children to learn their origin stories in a way that is enjoyable and engaging?

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Analytical thinking is the yin that balances my creative yang.

The boundaries and structure of reason bring out my most imaginative ideas.

Diverse teams with a sense of humor bring out my best.

I like to co-design with different stakeholders to bring about meaningful change.

Always looking to learn & be an amateur at new things.

I’m currently learning Swedish, and mostly failing, but thoroughly enjoying the process.

I thrive in small teams and large, in-situ or remote.

I’ve designed for print and digital experiences, adapting to different mediums with ease.

More Projects
A Preschool in Chennai
Rhinitis—A system study
Workshop on data transparency

In between work hours, you might find me sketching the lyrics of a song, watching an underrated dramedy or being competitive at game night ♣️

What others have to say

“Shivani brings clarity to complexity and uncovers nuanced insights at every turn. She always shows up with tangibility.”

Design Lead

“She brings a wealth of different talents and skills that can be flexed at different points in a project. “

Research Co-worker

“She is smart, skilled, proactive, can take vague ideas about content and make them simple and clear to understand. “

Project Manager

“Shivani’s great to work with: low ego, highly collaborative, sees opportunities to add value and takes action.”

Engagement Lead

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