The ABC’s of designing a preschool

Brand Design
Visual Language
Website Design
Social Media

Jyothi Iyer
Hena Najeeb

8 weeks



When a friend decided to run her own preschool out of a bungalow in Chennai, she needed someone to workout the naming, branding and marketing end of things. Jyothi and I took it on as a freelance project. We we set out to visually define what learning looks like for two to five year olds.

We were asked to name and define the visual language for a preschool including the physical space and digital media.

How might we design the identity of a preschool to reflect an inclusive learning experience?

Our opportunity statement

The naming went through one iteration with the stakeholders, and we all resonated with the phonetic and cultural relevance of a cheeky name like Elemenopy (L-M-N-O-P).

For the logo and identity, we presented the 3 routes, and ultimately picked one that was a simple play of shapes derived from the alphabet, since it perfectly complemented the ‘learning basics’ philosophy that the name intended.

We were all on the same page, about creating a sense of belonging and comfort for the children, with all the brand communication and these shapes seemed to provide the flexibility to do that. The shapes are a careful abstraction of the letters themselves, that take on many meanings across communication collaterals, effortlessly. The color palette and font specifics were defined soon after, and an array of examples can be found below.

We went on to explore options for mottoes, tag-lines and philosophies that the pre school stands by and believes in. We did some secondary research and read up montessori principles of education and adapted a version of teaching a child ‘how to learn rather than what to learn.’ We decided to name the five stages of learning in the preschool starting with L-M-N-O-P respectively, to keep the content in tandem with the brand. The core creative guideline of the brand, both internal and external, remained grounded with the rhetorical and catchy ‘Seek, Solve, Share’.

Our point of contact/friend happens to be trained in exhibition design, and fluently applied the visual language across various touch points in space as well.

Overall it has been one of the more fulfilling projects that I have helped bring to life, and I enjoy watching it grow everyday.