A documentation of my submissions from Hugh Dubberly’s Systems Thinking class, during the Spring of 2020 as part of my Masters in Interaction Design Program at CCA.

Week 1. Visual System:

Tetris →

Week 2. Seven segment numeric grid:

Every Combination →

Population of India →

Week 3. Message Received:

Clockwork Language →

Week 4. Working of an Application:

Voice Memos →

Week 5. Poetry Structures:

Ghazal →

Week 6. Deconstructing Vignelli’s Layout:

Field Guide to Insects →

Week 7. Family Tree and Timeline:

The Singh Family →

Week 9. Automatic Control Systems:


Week 10. Thermostat:

Concept Model →

Interface Design →

Week 11. Model of the illness:

Chronic Rhinitis→

Presentation PDF →

📎 notes
🐙 codes

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